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RHA – Golden Spur Kiosk

Multimedia, Touchscreen


The National Golden Spur Award is an annual award presented by the Ranching Heritage Association. The kiosk serves as an interactive and multimedia catalog of each year’s recipient. The touchscreen kiosk allows viewers to read biographies, see photos and watch videos of each person awarded this prestigious honor. The digital equipment is housed in a custom red oak cabinet and is built on high quality casters so the kiosk can be moved around the museum with ease.


National Golden Spur Award Kiosk


NRHC – Virtual Tour Map

Interactive, Touchscreen


The National Ranching Heritage Center has a large collection of buildings on their land that you can tour and see. The staff recognized that sometimes limitations arose that kept people from experiencing the tour such as weather, disabilities, or events. To accommodate these situations, they asked us to design an interactive kiosk that provided a virtual tour that could be viewed in their main lobby area. Using touchscreen technology, visitors can browse through all the buildings on display while reading articles, viewing photos and listing to audio about each structure’s history. The project is also translated in Spanish to increase accessibility and user-friendliness.


National Ranching Heritage Center – Virtual Tour Kiosk


Agriculture Media Kiosks (Set of 3)



The Bayer Museum of Agriculture wanted to add a media element to enhance their museum exhibits. To compliment their excellent artifact collection, we built several interactive kiosks that elaborated on specific exhibit attractions. Each kiosk is a touchscreen library of videos that enrich the user’s experience as the walk through our country’s farming history.


Bayer Museum of Agriculture – Harvest History Kiosk