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And we’d love to know you.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take great pride in meeting our customers’ expectations. It has worked out well for us to have our clients be able to talk directly to the designers working on their projects. Being a small and nimble design studio puts us in a unique position to provide awesome customer service and creative design solutions for Lubbock and the Texas Panhandle.

If you are looking for your company’s creative roadies, give us a call!


I am extremely proud of our talented group of designers. I am “the runner” who delivers their hand crafted design pieces. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife who keeps this business glued together, 4 daughters, 4 son-in-laws and coming soon, grandchildren #9 and #10! When I’m done delivering, I love chasing big trout and wiley Sandhill Cranes!

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Thank you God for blessing our business! I am the number cruncher, bean counter, side-kicker for Hartsfield Design. I love playing with my grandkids, hanging out with my four girls and spending time with their cool dad. This former mountain girl loves Texas, the great people of Lubbock, and hanging out during the day with our great staff!

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The resident jack-of-all-trades, I wield my creativity to conquer a variety of jobs from logo design, to illustration, to layout design and more. When I am not behind the desk, you might find me painting a funky western image, with my nose in a book (most likely a sci-fi/fantasy novel that’s totally bizarre), or on the search for old pencils to add to my collection.

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With a passion for design, I focus on blending aesthetics with functionality, ensuring each piece captivates visually and communicates effectively. Outside of design, I enjoy exploring painting, caring for my plants, and playing the crystal bowls. This dual love for the precision of graphic design, the organic beauty of nature, and the immersive sound world define my holistic and multifaceted approach to creativity.

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You can find me at HD two days per week designing, lending a hand to our full-timers, or forcing my coworkers to pose for me while I create content for our social media. I thrive when I get to craft publications or build strong brand identities. When I’m not in the office you can find me with a baby or two on my hip, tending to my garden, reading a good fiction novel, or adventuring with my husband, Will.

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