Case Study: TTU School of Art Poster

Case Study, Poster

Process Begins:

The School of Art came to us to create something conceptual, awesome, and very creative… NO PRESSURE! Wanting to impress the most creative department on Texas Tech campus, we tried our hardest to do just that.

After our first meeting, we realized this poster could go in so many different directions. Here are a few ideas we brainstormed and even designed mockups for:

  • Clean, simple, abstract & edgy
  • Something following their Live.Learn.Create. campaign
  • Artsy quotes or student quotes
  • Using work from different departments

This was a tough one. Some of the issues we faced were:

  • Creating something that would appeal to all potential students and the SOA staff and instructors
  • It needed to appeal to all interests (photography, painting, drawing, etc)
  • It needed to be conceptual AND still look pretty

Here are some initial mockups we presented:


SOA-Poster_earlyconcept1 SOA-Poster_earlyconcept4

Change In Direction:

After MANY meetings, phone calls, brainstorming sessions, mockups and cups of coffee, we decided to take a step back and instead look at something outside of the artist’s works or minimalist design. We looked at the tools.

The SOA was generous enough to let us stop by and pick up a HUGE box of tools – items owned personally by many of the professors, as well as tools students use daily to learn and create with. This poster would not exist (or have as much personality) without them, and we’re so thankful for their willingness to help us out here.


With our big box o’ tools, we started setting things up. We didn’t want to simply scatter things around or photograph them individually. We knew the perfect answer. The Double T – the symbol of Texas Tech.

After hours of going through the tools and figuring out the perfect ones to create with, we came up with our final design. And the rest was history.

Here is the final product and the process behind the masterpiece:

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.03.02 AM

We made lunch together and it was awesome.

Food, Social
Trout on the grill.

Most see our creativity in the context of publications, graphics and websites. But as designers, we apply our creative impulses to many other aspects of our lives, even food. Today, we cooked lunch together. Through contrast and balance, we assembled a meal with a variety of color and texture yet unified in flavor. It’s an excellent metaphor to how our team works. We vary in skills and strengths yet together we provide a balanced combination.

We’re Team Hartsfield and if you think our food looks tasty, you should see our designs.

[Self-Caught Trout, Grilled and Mixed Veggies, Home-Made Bread, Amanda Pudding]