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BMA – AAM Tractor Exhibit

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We filmed Gerald before we had the tractor. So we measured one in the area that was the same model. Then we took that angle from ground to tractor cab and replicated the same angle in our photo shoot with Gerald. We positioned him in an elevated seat and filmed upward while he told his story looking down at the camera.  This was all shot on a green screen so we could crop out the background for isolated display.

Once hardware was in place we had a switch board that triggered between three videos. The screen was positioned to give the perspective Gerald was at the wheel like he was during the tractorcade. When the viewer pressed a button, Gerald is looking right at you while he speaks.

BMA – Blacksmith Exhibit Lighting



We created a timed lighting sequence system that corresponded with the holographic presentation of historical tools used by blacksmiths.  Lights would turn on to highlight each piece of equipment so visitors could examine the artifact as the audio and videos were playing. Watch the demo below to see how it worked.


National Ranching Heritage Center – Virtual Tour Kiosk